Technological units

The company’s main scope is a realization of new technological units and reconstruction, intensification and renovation of existing technological units for:
Municipal waste water treatment plants for:

  • small waste water treatment plants from 800 PE to 2000 PE
  • medium waste water treatment plants from 2000 to 10000 PE
  • large waste water treatment plants from 10000 PE and more


• industrial sewage treatment plants for
o chemical industry
o metallurgical and metal-working industry
o food industry
o textile industry
• steam water filters
o pumping stations
o pumping station for polluted water
o sewage pumping stations of sewage network, flood water pumping stations, pumping station for industry (for production plants), chemical pumping stations (for chemical industry), chemical feeders
o clean water pumping stations
o pumping stations for water treatment plants and water reservoirs, booster pumps for boosting water pressure
• Water treatment plants
o Water treatment and distribution
o Drinking water treatment
o Water treatment for technological purposes
o Pit water treatment
• Water management
o Potable water
o Water mains, water reservoir lining
o Industrial water
o Cooling water distribution, industrial water distribution, demineralization stations, softening stations